The Lowest Fees
Enjoy the lowest available rates at hundreds of golf courses in your region.

Additional Member Only Coupons
When you have purchased receive your Tee Time Golf Pass, you can use the unique activation code on the back cover to activate  your passbook.  By going through this registration process, you will have EXCLUSIVE access to a coupon website that contains additional specials.  You will be notified of these specials through emails.  You will also be automatically entered to WIN a golf trip for 2 to North Carolina and other prizes.

Sample One Round Savings

Traditions at Royal New Kent (Richmond, VA)
Save $49

Sleepy Hole (Suffolk, VA)
Save $32

Skippack (Philadelphia, PA)
Save $27



"I have been a member for 3 years along with around ten other friends that I convinced to buy the book. Now I have got another 3 friends to order the pass. The book is great with the discounts and the numerous available courses to play. Thank you Tee Time Golf Pass for a great product."
~Steve Raysely, Coplay, PA

"I bought a TTGP for my nephew, who lives in NJ, as a gift last year and it worked out so well. He said he loves TTGP and has discovered many beautiful courses he never knew about."
~Ted Helkowski, Bronx, NY

"Tee Time paid for itself the 2nd time I used it. You have me hooked. I will have this book every year!"
~Tim Bieder, Ashtabula , OH

"It paid for itself in one shot. I had a Tee Time Golf Pass and paid $25; my friends didn't have one and paid $75."
~Walt Witkowski, Washington, NJ

"Tee Time Golf Pass has saved us thousands of dollars and allowed our group of retirees to play a variety of courses twice a week."
~Bob Crobak, Mechanicsburg, PA

"Tee Time Golf Pass is great. Why pay more to hack it around!"
~Kirk Avery, Laurel, MD

"Tee Time Golf Pass is a terrific program I have ordered one or more booklets for the past several years. Now it is a part of the Christmas list for many of my friends."
~John Powers, Leesburg, VA

"Fantastic deal, we saved $459 in green fees a piece last year."
~Bob Yager & Bob Thompson, Warren Ohio

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What is Tee Time Golf Pass?
Simply put: It is your pass to Save $10-$50 Every Time You Tee It Up.
Tee Time Golf Pass is a passbook that contains outstanding discounts at your favorite courses and at destination areas like Atlantic City, Ocean City, Virginia Beach, Pinehurst and Myrtle Beach.

Purchase the passbook here online and when you receive it in the mail, bring it with you to the course. You call and make a tee time just like normal and then tell them that you are a Tee Time Golf Pass member. At the course, you will show them your passbook and they will accept the offer for their course that is listed in the book. No need to cut out coupons. The course will just check off one of the boxes next to their offer. Offers can be valid from 1X to 4X to 10X or even Unlimited usage, depends on the golf course.

How Much Can I Save?
With hundreds of courses to choose from, it could be THOUSANDS. Many people are able to pay for their pass by using it 2 or 3 times and end up saving HUNDREDS for the season.
Click here for complete list of participating courses

The Rules




One free play:
Greens fee is free; you pay only power cart fee.
One play:
You pay a Player's Fee which includes the greens fee and cart fee.
Unless otherwise specified.
One free play w/ One paid:
Two golfers are required to play; only one Tee Time Golf Pass can be used. The Tee Time pass holder pays the cart fee while the other golfer pays both the greens fee and cart fee. Some courses may total one greens fee and two cart fees and divide so that each golfer pays one half of the total. (ie. pp charge)
After you have used the valid number of plays under the first offer, you may then play using the offer in the thereafter clause.
Valid __ X:
Number of times each course allows you to receive the discount.
Cart fee:
Mandatory on all offers unless otherwise stated.

Passbook Image

Below is an image of a page from our 2010 passbook as an example of how the page looks and works.

Tee Time Golf Pass NE page

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